Who are they?

Dirk Denoyelle is one of Flanders’ (the Dutch speaking half of Belgium) best known, most demanded and most versatile comedians. Since 2001 he started to focus on bringing comedy to companies and conferences. This has a lot to do with his education: Dirk graduated as a micro-electronics engineer at the KU Leuven in 1987.  He then worked 2 years for the renowned micro-electronics research centre IMEC, after which he fulfilled military service and some years as a free-lance reporter. Since 1991 he is a professional comedian.

Despite a mathematics background, Dirk is passionate with languages. He performs in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Danish. And keeps on learning other foreign languages. This “deviation” has proven to be very useful when performing in international environments.

Dirk is also one of 13 LEGO® Certified Professionals in the world. Click on the bricks for more information.

Keyboardplayer Kris De Jean also has a technical background. After graduating as a control engineer, he spent a few years working for an electronics company. Then fortunately, he "saw the light", and fully dedicated himself to music. He got a degree at the Antwerp Academy of Music in 1988. Besides working with Dirk, he is working as a music teacher in several Academies in and around Antwerp. Kris is also passionate about computers.

For more information about their previous theatre work and (photo)reports of special occasions, we kindly refer to the fansite.