What's the act?

  • “The funny guy in between speeches”: Dirk sits in at your management meeting. With regular intervals he gives his funny summary of what just has been said. Advantage: the message is repeated, the audience remains attentive and the atmosphere stays positive.

  • "THE Show": Personalized shows for clients of staff: a comedy show with sketches and songs, adapted to your audience and event. Very well in place at a conference dinner. Or why not rent a real theatre, and combine a one hour show with an exclusive drink afterwards ?

  • “Our man from Brussels”: Dirk pretends to be an insider from one of the very many European Institutions. From this angle he gives his vision on your company, market, industry. Ideal for an international audience!

  • “Elio Di Rupo”: Dirk impersonates the Belgian Prime Minister. From this angle he gives his vision on your company, market, industry.

  • “The speech about speeches”: Humouristic one hour lecture about how to give a lecture. Many people who read this will know plenty of colleagues who might benefit form this lecture.

  • “Make your dreams come true”: Dirk is not only a comedian, he is also one of 13 LEGO® Certified Professionals in the world. The absolute top in the world of millions of LEGO fans. In his own funny way, and armed with his LEGO examples, Dirk explains how anybody can reach his goals.

  • “Team building with LEGO”: And here 's a second cross-over between the comedian and the LEGO artist. A crowd of up to 200 people literally builds a city with the famous bricks, making sure the theme of the day is incorporated. Dirk and his team give tips and tricks, and entertain !

All these formulas are available in English and Dutch. Many are also available in French, German, Spanish and Danish. Do also visit www.amazings.eu about Dirks LEGO activities as a LEGO Certified Professional. Probably you’ll find inspiration for an exclusive gift to one of your colleagues or friends !