• “The productivity of our European Management meetings has drastically augmented since we engage Dirk for the his “funny summaries”.  We have been able to undoubtfully measure that thanks to our evaluation system and televoting!” (Theo Dilissen, Aviapartner)

  • “Dirk was a surprise act at our European Leadership Conference in Stresa (IT). He came, saw, broke the ice and conquered magna cum laude from all attendees. The way he made a show dedicated to our company with just a few briefings is both extremely professional and sublime.  And on a personal level he’s a great guy to work with.” (Tine Vandriessche, CHEP)

  • “We have been asking Dirk and Kris at our annual statutary meeting for more than 5 years now. Amazing the way he can still surprise us with a new show!” (Jo Libeer, VOKA West-Vlaanderen)

  • “Dirk is your guarantee for a successful event. It's as simple as that.” (Peter De Rouck, CFO Magazine)